Is CryptoGPT a scam ?

Is CryptoGPT a scam ?

Posted on: 11 April 2023

What's up, folks! Today we're talking about CryptoGPT, a new cryptocurrency that's been making headlines for all the wrong reasons. Turns out, people are saying it's nothing but a big old scam, and experts have identified several red flags that point to its dubious nature.

First of all, let's talk about the questionable leadership behind CryptoGPT. The site intially listed a person named Jamila Jelani as the CEO and founder, but she has since been removed entirely! Jelani apparently mentioned to have worked at Alibaba, but there's no evidence anywhere, and as you have guessed it by now. The LinkedIn profile of this person was only created last month. Sounds fishy, right?

Another person who is heavily involved with CryptoGPT is Dejan Erja, who claimed to have worked at Ripple Net. However, there's no information to verify his connection with Ripple, and he's only got five mutual connections on LinkedIn. Erja has never even posted anything on LinkedIn! 

Now here is the riddiculous part. The lead investors is DWF, who is also the key market maker. Talk about Conflict of interest! DWF claimed that the project has a valuation of $250M. Moreover, the communities for the project are chatting all kinds of worries because of this and this raises serious doubts folks! People are noticing fast. 

And let's not forget about the company's other token, DXP, which is supposed to eventually be turned into tokens. That's not how cryptocurrencies work, folks! and it shows that CryptoGPT's creators are trying to defraud investors. Plus, the company is offering 30-day fully refundable NFTs, which is pretty much down right illegal by the authorities. 

Finally, there's the use of OpenAI's API, which is a sophisticated artificial intelligence platform. CryptoGPT's chatbot 'Alex' has confirmed that the company is using OpenAI's API. But let me tell you something, just because they're using OpenAI's API doesn't make CryptoGPT legit. In fact, it makes them looks like a project trying to use AI ChatGPT hype to deceive investors. 

In conclusion, folks, CryptoGPT has alot of elements of a scam project, and you should probably stay far, far away from it. Don't fall for their misleading information about key personnel, clearly false claims about their lead investor and market maker, point tokens, illegal practices, and fake personas. Always be careful before investing the money you worked so hard for in any cryptocurrency project, and CryptoGPT is no exception.

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