Who is Michael J. Saylor & MicroStrategy

Who is Michael J. Saylor & MicroStrategy

Posted on: 11 April 2023

Michael J. Saylor is a technology entrepreneur, author, and philanthropist, best known as the CEO and co-founder of MicroStrategy, a business intelligence software company. Saylor has been a leading advocate for Bitcoin and blockchain technology, and is considered one of the most influential figures in the crypto industry.

Early Life and Education

Michael J. Saylor was born on February 4, 1965, in Lincoln, Nebraska. He attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where he earned a degree in aeronautics and astronautics in 1987.


After graduating from MIT, Saylor co-founded MicroStrategy with Sanju Bansal, and the company went public in 1998. MicroStrategy provides business intelligence, analytics, and mobility software and services to companies around the world. Saylor has led the company through a number of transformations over the years, including a move into the cloud computing space.

In recent years, Saylor has become a vocal advocate for Bitcoin and blockchain technology. In August 2020, MicroStrategy made headlines when it announced that it had purchased $250 million worth of Bitcoin as a reserve asset. This move was followed by several other large purchases, and as of April 2023, MicroStrategy holds over 111,000 bitcoins, worth approximately $5.5 billion at current prices.

Saylor has argued that Bitcoin is a better store of value than traditional assets like gold, and has advocated for other companies to adopt Bitcoin as a reserve asset. He has also been a proponent of using Bitcoin as a payment method, and has argued that it has the potential to become the world's dominant currency.

In addition to his work at MicroStrategy, Saylor has written several books on business strategy and technology, including "The Mobile Wave: How Mobile Intelligence Will Change Everything" and "The Hyperconnected Enterprise: Brian Science, Organizational Design, and Digital Transformation."


Saylor has also been active in philanthropy, through the Saylor Foundation, which he founded in 1999. The foundation provides free online education courses to students around the world. The courses cover a wide range of topics, from math and science to the humanities and business.


Michael J. Saylor is a highly influential figure in the tech industry, and his advocacy for Bitcoin and blockchain technology has helped to shape the future of finance. Through his work at MicroStrategy, his writing, and his philanthropy, Saylor has made significant contributions to the field of technology and education.

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